Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Few Things

1. Baby H is 3 months old now! (Yes, its been 3 months and I've only blogged about him once. Shut your mouth.) He is growing at an exponential rate; he weighs 19 pounds already! All of his clothes are 6 or 9 months and the 6 months I should probably rotate out since they look like little muscle shirts on him. He talks and laughs up a storm, especially when you stick your tongue out at him, or show him a mirror. He is almost sitting up on his own, but still kinda dumps over forward or sideways. He's very close to rolling over, but hasn't quite figured it out yet. He loves water and bathtime and lounging in the backyard naked. He's grabbing anything that gets near him and of course, everything goes in his mouth now. It's all so amazing!

2. My laptop is dead. RIP Macbook Pro. You were only 2 years old. Yep, my precious, beloved computer is dead. It was sitting on the backyard grass after a naked baby session when the sprinklers accidentally came on and soaked it. For a minute solid. Fortunately, all my data (and baby photos!) is undamaged and safe, but the circuit board of the laptop was fried. So, blogging may (still) be slow while I get used to using Cowboy H's computer and get all my data/programs transferred over to it.

3. This mama is now a stay-at-home mama! That's right folks. Cowboy H and I saved and scraped together anything we could from my disability/maternity leave pay to make it possible. I am trying to get something going with my photography, but its slow-going at this point. You would think that would leave me more time for blogging, but no, that just means I get to spend more time with this guy:








All of these photos are OLD; from when he was 6 weeks or younger. He is so much bigger now!! I'm working on getting the more recent photos processed and uploaded now that I have the data from my computer back. (Sniff, sniff)

4. Speaking of my photography, I donated a few photographs to a fundraiser for the ranch where we keep our horses. The facility does a lot of equine rescue and holds fundraisers every so often. They always put my photos in the silent auction and they are always a big hit. This time, Cowboy H made some killer frames for the photos, but I didn't take pictures of the finished products. Here, however, are the photos:







The first four I had printed in 8" x 12" size and framed them with Cowboy H's old wood frames. The last two I had printed as 4" x 6" and put them together in a double frame. They all turned out awesome. If you would like any of the above photos, shoot me an email or drop a comment!

Until next time (whenever that might be)!!