Saturday, February 19, 2011

Two Cities, Two Trails

Since most of us are either under 2 feet of snow or 8 inches of rain, I have some trail eye-candy to share with you. (Nevermind that these photos were taken last month…)

First up, Cowboy H and I rode out from our ranch into the local State Park with a few other residents boarders. It was a gorgeous day!

From January 16:


Love the snow-capped mountains nearby!



Here I am on my mount (Maria was lame). Isn't he handsome? I am five and a half months pregnant here.

A week or so later, Cowboy H and I headed out to the desert for a little ride with the Desert Rose. We lucked out and landed another gorgeous day!

From January 25:


Cheers! Of course.

Isn't she fabulous!

Miscellanious 057
Cowboy H and I borrowed horses instead of hauling ours all the way out there. I am nearly six months pregnant here. Photo courtesy of the Desert Rose.


There was water everywhere; it was so refreshing!


Hope y'all enjoyed a glimpse of what all this stormy weather will give way to in a few months. Stay safe and warm!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Deets On Baby H

Due: Middle Of May. May 21 if you're one of those specific dates people. However, I am the Maid of Honor in a wedding on that exact day, so I'm (wishfully) going with "middle of May".

Gestational Age: (So you don't have to calculate it yourselves.) 6 months, 1 week. Or 25 weeks.

Gender: Yes, Baby H is a confirmed boy. My use of "he" in my previous post was not accidental.

The Day We Found Out: Sept. 14. In fact, it was the day before the photo of us in the previous post was taken.

First Time I Felt The Punk Kick: Dec. 11. I was 17 weeks exactly.

Yes, I was very very sick. The nausea (and vomiting) lasted well past my first trimester. I lost 5 pounds before I bottomed out.

Yes, I'm still wearing normal jeans (unbuttoned of course). The only maternity clothes I have purchased so far are a few tops. (We're cheap-asses.)

Yes, I am still working. I hopefully will be able to work until about the week before Baby H debuts. And yes, I will go back to work shortly after his birth, as much as I will hate it.

Yes, I am still working out, although I had to take an extended break when I was sick. At this point, I'm back to 3 times a week. I treadmill one day, strength-train (weights) another day and swim the last day. Although, I need to upgrade from my high school water polo swimsuit soon…

And lastly, yes, I am still riding. In fact, Cowboy H and I went on two longish rides (4-5 hours) in the last few weeks, and I have photos! I'll share them with you soon; the rides were just beautiful.

I can share all the gory (and precious) details with you if you want. Ask away!