Saturday, February 19, 2011

Two Cities, Two Trails

Since most of us are either under 2 feet of snow or 8 inches of rain, I have some trail eye-candy to share with you. (Nevermind that these photos were taken last month…)

First up, Cowboy H and I rode out from our ranch into the local State Park with a few other residents boarders. It was a gorgeous day!

From January 16:


Love the snow-capped mountains nearby!



Here I am on my mount (Maria was lame). Isn't he handsome? I am five and a half months pregnant here.

A week or so later, Cowboy H and I headed out to the desert for a little ride with the Desert Rose. We lucked out and landed another gorgeous day!

From January 25:


Cheers! Of course.

Isn't she fabulous!

Miscellanious 057
Cowboy H and I borrowed horses instead of hauling ours all the way out there. I am nearly six months pregnant here. Photo courtesy of the Desert Rose.


There was water everywhere; it was so refreshing!


Hope y'all enjoyed a glimpse of what all this stormy weather will give way to in a few months. Stay safe and warm!


  1. Oh I had so much fun with the 2 of you that day!!! I hope we will see you again soon before BABY H arrives...!

  2. So sorry I missed you guys! These pictures are great! I really love the one from your area with the GREEN trail up ahead.
    Hope all is going well with baby! Looking forward to more updates!

  3. Congrats to you both on your new baby H!! Can't wait until you share some photos of the new little cowboy!
    ~pony girl


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