Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Brothers and Sisters

This is Oz and Olivia. Oz is on the right; Olivia on the left. They are brother and sister. They are the original children. Mama H got them when she was still in college and living in the horse barn on campus. They are true barn cats.

This is Oz and Olivia when they were babies. Oz is on the bottom; Olivia on the top. Now they are 4 years old and 500 times this big. See first photo.

As brother and sister, they love each other.

This is Indy and Isabelle. Indy is on the right; Isabelle on the left. Indy and Isabelle joined the Homestead first thing this year, when they were 3 months old. They are also brother and sister. (Do you see a pattern?)

They love each other too.

There's a lot of love at the Homestead.


  1. Oh my goodness! You are as bad as us.They are all so beautiful. We had four,(long story) but we lost our 21 & 14 yr old last year. Still have two! Nothing better than snuggling with a cat!

  2. So... do they ever jump the fence and switch who they sunggle with??? And what about Hank??? Is he the boss or are the Kitty's??? My $$$ are on the Kitty's!

  3. Desert Rose: Oz is really the only one that associates with the others. Olivia is too much of a snob. I catch Oz, Indy and Isabelle all snuggled together often, with Olivia off in another corner glaring smugly. Hank and Indy wrestle all the time, but Oz puts the pup in his place quite frequently. It pretty hilarious, specially since Hank is still smaller than all the cats!


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