Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Maria: A Closer Look

I realize I didn't give you much to go on yesterday in determining my pretty little mare's breed (or breeds???). So, today, I present a closer look:

Large, platter feet

Feathered canons

Thick, frizzy mane, forelock and tail

Naturally high head-set

Steep sloping shoulder

This little mare was ranch broke, can work cattle and can be roped off. She can stop the biggest of them all. She's the most-surefooted horse I've ever rode and occasionally gets called a mountain goat for the way she can just hop up a mountainside. Nothing much fazes her, including plastic bags or bulls with big horns.

To contradict all of that, I have big plans for the little mare in the ... in the .... Dressage arena!

Any other suggestions? I'll let the cat out of the bag tomorrow.

Or maybe today if I can't help myself.


  1. Okay my first guess was Mustang, second Morgan!

  2. A lot of people guess Morgan too!


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