Friday, June 19, 2009

The Making of The Homestead: Gettin' Hitched

Last you heard, Cowboy H and I rode off into the sunset and got hitched. And bought The Homestead. All in one day.

And you believed it. I know you did.

Anyway, the true story goes like this:

After smelling boy scouts all summer, I moved back near LA and Cowboy H went back to the desert. We then proceeded to drive back and forth several times a week to see each other. We were fast becoming inseparable.

Hooked on each other eventually led to living together and talk of marriage became frequent. While I had complete confidence in our relationship, I was a little "gun-shy". I wanted with all my heart to marry this man, but I wanted at all costs to NOT have a wedding. For some reason (hmmm, maybe the wedding I had previously planned and cancelled?) I could not handle the idea of a wedding. But a marriage I was perfectly comfortable with.

So get married we did.

At the Santa Barbara Courthouse, in the sunken courtyard, 11:30 in the morning on Friday, May 30, 2008. By some officiant lady we had never met but was the first one on the courthouse-provided list to answer the phone. With no rings, no dress, no flowers, no tux, no witnesses. Surrounded by a bunch of elementary school kids on a field trip eating their lunches and yelling.

It was perfect.

There was no final vendor payments, no drama over wedding party members, no worries over someone drinking too much, no stress about there not being enough food, no panic over the flowers being the wrong color.

It was us, our vows, our commitment and our love.

Ready, together: Awwwwwwww.

I know, puke.

(The only pic of us the day we got married)

To celebrate, we broke the bank by eating lunch at a historic deli on State Street. Then we held hands and walked on the pier (again: puke, sorry). That night we yee-hawed from the stands at the local rodeo.

The next three days were spent at the beach. Cowboy H was introduced to surfing (see below) and I to kayaking (see below). We also ate clam chowder bread bowls and cinnamon rolls every day.

Cowboy H

Mama H (with hoodie)

Cowboy H doing all the work

We survived!

One year later I ruined it all and hosted a big ole (almost) traditional wedding.

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  1. Ah...........I think it was meant to be, TWICE!!!


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