Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Diary of a Bathroom Remodel: Part III

We're getting to the final stages in this bathroom remodel. Man, I waited so long to post about this that in re-cap time it seems as if it only took a few days, maybe a week, to finish it. But if I had posted in real time, you would have seen incremental changes each day. As in I would have had four tile posts, one for each day Cowboy H put tile up. "Look! Another piece of tile set today! Stay tuned for the next one in three days!"

Its not as if Cowboy H is a slacker. If you lived with him you would know he is anything BUT a slacker. Let me tell you, he likes to get things done. Its just between him working full time (plus overtime) and going to school and taking care of me (NOT easy) he didn't have much time to spare on the bathroom. But he managed.

See, here he is before the sun is even all the way up working away on the...

BEADBOARD!! (Yes, that is dog poop. Please ignore it. Thank you very much.)

We put a few layers of paint on the boards before putting them into the bathroom. Usually I use the term we pretty loosely, meaning Cowboy H is doing the work and I'm taking pictures. However, in this case, I actually helped. Yep, I helped paint.

Then I made a huge mess and was told to stay behind the camera. Its much better that way anyway.

The beadboard and its accompanying trim were installed on the bottom third (roughly) of the bathroom walls. No paint, tile or wallpaper here!

Now, it just needed a final layer of paint to touch it up. Of all the steps in this remodel process, I have to say that this made the most difference. The white really opened up the tiny space and the beadboard itself added a whole new dimension.

Next up: the finished product!


  1. Looks great! We did beadboard on a ceiling in a little beach cottage we remodeled. I loved it!

  2. Who knew Cowboy H was sooooo talented with his...hands!!!

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