Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mama H's Big Quiz #1 Answers & Winner Announced!


"Motley Crew"

Time's up!! Thank you to everyone who played along. I hope you had fun rehashing some Homestead history. I did! I apologize for #2; it was pretty tricky and I realized I never quite told you the actual order we acquired our kiddos in. Oops! Anyway, that was the only question our winner got wrong.

And the winner is: Horse Dreams!! Congratulations! Email to claim your prize.

And the answers are:

1. Name all 7(!) of the Homestead animals.

Oz/Olivia (they came together), Maria, Bella, Indy, Hank, Huey

2. Place those 7 in order according to when they became part of the Homestead (first to last).

Listed correctly in the order above.

3. What year did Mama H and Cowboy H get married?


4. What part of her body did Mama H break earlier this year?

Arm or elbow (left)

5. And how did she break it? (Do NOT say she fell off her horse.)

Her horse tripped and fell while she was riding her. They landed on Mama H's elbow.

6. When was the big fire that burned around the ranch where the Homestead horses live? (Month and year)

November 2008 (It was only 1 week after Bella arrived!)

7. What kind of surgical procedure did Cowboy H's pup have to have on his broken leg when we got him?

Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO)

8. Where did Cowboy H and Mama H backpack this summer?


9. What is stuck in the top of one of Mama H's cat's head?

A pellet

10. Does Cowboy H know how to rope?

He sure does!! And he's pretty dang good at it!


  1. goota be kidding...I don't know that much info about my self!!! And with out going back to are my answers!
    1. Hank, Huey, Maria, Bella, Olivia, cat, cat!
    2. Cat, Cat, Maria, Olivia, Bella, Hank, Huey!
    3. 2008
    4. arm
    5. Maria and mama H both fell!
    6. May, 2008
    7. ???
    8. I know with who!!!
    9. BB
    10. Not very well!!! LOL
    No one should copy me cause....I have really messed this up...not good with facts...just general info!

  2. I love a good contest...I am very competitive, so I am entering with hopes of winning the fabulous prize! I will email my answers to you pronto...even though I don't regularly post comments on your blog, I faithfully read it, often laughing out loud at your stories!

  3. I just sent over my answers...bring it on fellow blog readers!!

  4. Okay! Here's my answers!
    1. Maria, Oz, Olivia, Indy, Bella, Hank, Huey
    2. Above order
    3. May 30 o8
    5. Maria tripped riding up a hill
    6. Southern Calif-they called it the Yorba fire
    7. Femoral Head Ostetomy
    8. Yosemite
    9. Pellet
    10. yes

  5. ok I finally remembered....
    1. Maria, Bella, Olivia, Oz, Indie, Hank, Huey
    2. I think they are in order. see #1
    3. 2008
    4. Arm/Elbow
    5. Horse fell on you!
    7. They fixed the "growth" plate
    8. Yosemite
    9. a bb pellet
    10. YES!!!

  6. Ah man, I missed it! I'm a little slow on the uptake this week. Too busy obsessing over the upcoming release of New Moon, I guess. Sad....
    Congrats to HD! You are deserving, my vamp sista cousin! ;)

  7. so I came in second right?? Is there a prize for that?

  8. It figures Horse Dreams won, she always was a good student, but I bet she went back and read all the posts to get the answers! She's thorough like that, that big sister of mine. Congratulations Sis, good for you!

  9. I won???? Yipppeeee...this is the first time I've been a winner of a blog contest. An eggnog latte, the opening of New Moon AND the winner of the Homestead contest?!! This is turning out to be a fabulous day, indeed.


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