Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best Christmas Present...


Yep, I'm pretty sure this is my favorite Christmas present ever.

Each year, after opening all our presents, my mom asks us to pick our favorite. This year it was tough, between the new pots and pans and the fancy chinks that I have so desperately been wanting.

Then this arrived (a day late because it was a custom order):


And it won hands down. It has every one of the kiddos on it.


All five of them. Our names wouldn't fit because five is the limit. Leave it to us to max out even Christmas ornaments.





Did anyone else have a hand's down, no butts about it, absolutely favorite gift this year?


  1. Oh that is just to cute! No wonder it is your favorite. I did get a lovely necklace from my Loving husband for Hannukka that is an estate piece.

  2. Cute ball Mama H! I think my favorite was a bell my sissie got me to put on y bike next summer. The fun I'm going to have annoying people with THAT! happy New Year to you and your Cowboy!

  3. What a great personalized gift! I didn't have a "favorite" gift this year. I liked everything because we really cut back on our gifts so I think each one was really personally chosen for each other, and mostly things we could really use, and a few fun treasures, too!! :)


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