Friday, December 11, 2009

Extra Special

Let me tell you a little story about Hank.


Hank is extra special.


See, Hank was not wearing this harness when both Cowboy H and I left for work that morning. The reason Hank was not wearing his harness is that he chewed through it not long ago, which is evident in the photos.


However, when I got home that evening, Hank was wearing his harness. Yes, he had put his harness on himself. And he did a mighty fine job, I'd say.


Yep, extra special. That's our boy. Actually, Cowboy H's boy. I claim no responsibility.


  1. Hank is so darn cute! It was sure nice to spend some time with both of you!

  2. Hay...maybe he can teach Maria and Bella how to tack themselves up for you...LOL!


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