Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Welcome to My Life, Ed. 2, Vol I

This morning, I managed to spill an entire cup of coffee on the white carpet in our bedroom.

Then I watched the dogs clean it up for me.

Just kidding! But they did try to help.

Cowboy H laid in bed and just watched me, eyes rolling.

What did I get myself into again?

He forgets sometimes what a mess I am, specially when he has a home-cooked meal each night. Home-cooking will do that to a man, make him forget things (just a free little tip for all you ladies out there).


  1. You and my loving husband could make up a team together making messes!!! I can't have anything white around him. I afraid to see what the "Virgen Chinks" look like after 6 months with you!!!

  2. hey, those chinks have been carefully stowed in the original package high up in the closet, where even the cats can't get to them!


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