Friday, December 4, 2009


I hate wintertime. I don't mind the cold so much, since that means I can have a fire in the house and I love Christmas and all the surrounding holidays, but I hate winter. I hate that it is dark when I leave work these days. In Southern California, winter kinda sneaks up on you. We don't have fall (the changing colors, the chilling cold, the light rain) to break us in. Suddenly, you leave work and it is dark and you realize Thanksgiving was last week and Christmas right around the corner.

This being dark when I leave work means a few things.

I won't be getting much riding in during the week. There is always the possibility for night rides, which make for great fun, but when its dark and chilly I am much more inclined to go straight home, put on my jammies and make a fire.

I also won't be taking many new photos, since its dark when I leave work and I just want to go home, put on my jammies and make a fire.

Which also means I'll be sharing lots of older photos with you (while I sit at home in my jammies by the fire), such as these taken a few months ago near my hometown.





Have I mentioned that Hank hates water?



I really hate this, Dad.

But its okay, I forgive you.

Ahhh, for the dog days of summer.


  1. I really dont like winter either, I go to bed with the sun. Which means, talking myself into the gym is just that much harder.

  2. Winter is my least favorite season, unless it's snowing! Too much of that can be a bad thing though. Just be thankful it's not going to be in the teens tonight, like it's supposed to be here. Burrrr!

  3. Cute looks warm on that beach! I love cold crisp weather, especially around the holidays, I like to bundle up so I'm well-prepared for it. I got new slippers and fleece pj's. But like you, I don't like the darkness setting in so early. Especially this week, when I had to go treat my horse for an abscess after work. No barn or lights makes this kind of thing challenging in the dark! Luckily my horse was cooperative, even though he did look at me like I was a little crazy!

  4. This getting dark at 5 REALLY cuts into my ride time too! Have to be back at the stables by 4:30 to have enough light to put the horses to beddy by!!! I do love the snow up on the mountains's so pretty to look at everyday!


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