Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This Year I Will


The word around the streets these days is "resolution". What's your new year's resolution? Do you have a new year's resolution? Are you making a new year's resolution?

I'm not making a resolution this year. I don't think I've made one in the last few years. However, there are a few things that I want to accomplish this year, or at least make habit again.

Here is the list of things I WILL do this year:
  • Eat more salads
  • Drink 3 cups of green tea a day
  • Go to spinning class twice a week
  • Visit (maybe not ride) my horses more often
  • Blog consistently (i.e. at least 5x a week)
  • Comment more on everyone else's killer blogs
  • Print and frame some of my photos for my own walls
  • Approach the family budget with less of a negative attitude
  • Set up a photography website

It's a brand new decade, I have a brand new name (finally) and I feel the nagging pull of change growing stronger. I feel like I've been on the edge, just waiting to leap and I'm finally ready to leap without anyone having to push me!

Anyone else have high hopes for 2010?


  1. Oh Mama H, I am with you on the salads and green tea, I also want to get at least one spinning class a week in, (used to do 4)I too would like to blog more consistently, I would DEFINITELY appreciate more comments, and I want to start taking more pictures. I used to constantly take pictures, but Ive been slacking.
    AND I want to take that pottery class.

  2. I always seem to break any resolutions I make. But at the top of my list is my health. Need to figure out why I hurt all the time. Get back to curves on a regular schedule. Spend time with Dusty doing more ground work. Make sure I take time for me. Which I am pretty good at doing!

  3. I don't set resolutions, but have definite goals in mind. I am also approaching a big b-day (39, gulp!) so I'm feeling a little braver this year. Not sure what that means quite yet, LOL! :) Like you, I do want to frame some of my own art. And I want to continue working on my novel.

  4. Sounds like a great list Mama H. I'm glad we'll be hearing more from you! I'm like Pony girl. No resolutions or I'll blow em. But my goals are extensive this year: Stop smoking, more riding lessons, Add Tennis and Biking excerise this winter while in Yuma, Eat better, and the most important one...try and think of ways that I can help others.

  5. Not sure how to respond to all of you with no resolutions...only goals,schedules and consistantcy! LOL
    My NY's resolution is to drink and ride more often!!!


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