Friday, February 12, 2010

A Number Of Things

First. It's finally Friday. And I have tomorrow, a Saturday, off for a change. I don't talk about it much, but I work one full time job (Monday-Friday) and two part time jobs. One of the part time jobs requires working 2-3 Saturdays a month. So, Fridays usually don't mean much to me, but today it does. Cause I don't have to work tomorrow and my Saturday is actually a Saturday. But I do have to work Sunday. At the other part time job. Boo.

Second. Cowboy H's grandmother is visiting us from Missouri. For 11 days. God bless the woman, she pretty much raised my husband, but 11 days is a long time to hang out around someone's house, especially when those someones have to work. Poor lady is sitting around the house all day today by herself. But, she did fold my laundry the other day (thankyouthankyouthankyou). Even if she did spread the clean folded stuff out all over my bed where my cats sleep all day long. Oh, but we love her.

Third. There is daylight when I get off work. Daylight, people, daylight. And I'm talking good daylight, the kind almost lasts a full hour after I get off work. So, tonight after work, I'm picking up grandma and going to visit my horses finally. And maybe I'll get some pictures. Which reminds me...

Fourth. I have not used my camera in a week. I'm going to put my face in the corner now.

Fifth. It's supposed to reach almost 80 degrees here this weekend. Neiner neiner. Yep, that's right. I don't even feel bad about it right now. I cannot wait to feel that warm sun on my shoulders. And my rose bushes really need a little pick me up.

Sixth. Speaking of my rose bushes, I transplanted six of them last Monday. Yes, six. I moved them from one side of the backyard to the other. Please everyone, pray hard that they live. They've already got the odds stacked against them since they share a home with Hank. This was the text message I got from Cowboy H "I think Hank just killed a rose bush. My fault... Sorry". That little punk dug a hole completely under my poor unassuming bush. This one doesn't even have thorns!

Seventh. I spent yesterday morning cleaning up dog poop and puke in the house. Just so you know.

Eighth. The End.


  1. like the slideshow. Thanks for the weather update, I had NO IDEA it was gonna be so beautiful.

  2. Oh yes, the daylight! Love it! It was 5 today and I walked outside to head to the store and thought, why is it still so light? I had to look at my phone and check the time!
    Can't wait to see pics of grandma and the horses. p.s. I haven't used my camera in a week either, so don't feel bad! :)

  3. <-----------------JEALOUS!!! 80*?!?! LUCKY duck!! We will supposedly hit a fabulous 47* tomorrow! Then back to 30* on Sunday! So soak some up for me too!!! Enjoy your day off!! You obviously work WAY to much girl!!

    ps~ So sorry you had to clean dog poop and puke...I hate when that happens!


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