Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Homemade Wedding Homestead-Style: Face-Stuffing and Rug-Cutting

Now, at most normal weddings, right after the guests have been served and given a chance to eat a bit, a slew of toasts and speeches ensues. Cowboy H and I really wanted no part of this. Actually, we avoided most all wedding formalities and time-lines like the plague. However, we did want to thank a whole bunch of people, so I composed a sort-of speech in my head and dragged Cowboy H to mic with me. (This was after spending about 10 minutes trying to locate him, whereas he was found hiding at the Desert Rose's table wedged over in the corner. Of course.)

Notice Cowboy H has changed into tennis shoes!
Photo by my cousin, Joelle

First, we thanked our guests for coming to our sort-of wedding. We had guests come from New Mexico, Oregon, Missouri and even Washington D.C. just for us. We were floored. We also had to thank the Pit Crew who volunteered their entire day to cook the most perfect meat ever. (I mean, standing around a BBQ pit, drinking beer was extremely difficult for them.) We also had to thank the band, who again volunteered their killer talent, time and awesomeness for us. Lastly, we had to thank my parents. My dad funded the bar and also purchased the meat for us. And then my mom. I don't know what more to say about her except that she got a standing ovation and a bunch of hoots and hollers when I mentioned her, and the fact that she cooked/made all the food and baked the strawberry cupcakes.


Jesslyn + Jeff-287

Then, I was about to announce to everyone that the cupcakes were there to be eaten and everyone could help themselves once they were done with their dinner. Part of the reason I chose cupcakes is I wanted to avoid the whole cake-cutting ordeal. You can't really cut cupcakes, right? Wrong.

Cowboy H grabed my arm and sharply whispered, "The Desert Rose will kill us if we don't eat a cupcake" or something along those lines.

I groaned, rolled my eyes and said, "OK, fine." So, we shared a cupcake.

Jesslyn + Jeff-342

Jesslyn + Jeff-344

Photo by my cousin, Sarah

Photo by Sarah

Jesslyn + Jeff-348

While all of this business was happening up here, down under there was a whole other party happening.

Photo by Joelle

Photo by Joelle

May 2009 Pismo and Jesslyn wedding 181
Photo by my Nina

We had no idea until after the fact, but my cousin's baby was hiding out under the cupcake table! Apparently he stole the show from us!

Immediately after the cupcake chow-down, we were prompted into a first dance. Now, the first dance was something that I wanted to be special, and Cowboy H picked Garth Brook's song "Cowboys and Angels" for our dance. The song was perfect, except it had a slow beat, which meant a waltz was in order. Cowboy H worked very hard at choreographing a dance and we tried really hard to practice. But, I suck at dancing. Literally, before dinner was served I dragged Cowboy H away so we could practice, cause I was so nervous about it. The problem, for me, was that it was so slow. At the last minute, I chickened out and the band played some slow song that I don't even remember and we jr high danced to it.

Jesslyn + Jeff-352

Before long, everyone else joined us on the dance floor.

However, immediately after that slow song, the band broke into a song that you could swing too. And let me tell you, Cowboy H and I can swing. This actually became our true first dance, because once we got going, everyone cleared the dance floor and let us cut it up.

Jesslyn + Jeff-354

Jesslyn + Jeff-355

Jesslyn + Jeff-357

Jesslyn + Jeff-360

At some point my bandanna came undone and my hair clip went flying, but we kept on dancing.

Jesslyn + Jeff-359

Jesslyn + Jeff-363

Jesslyn + Jeff-365

And then, we were done.

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Give praise to Applemoon Photography for all photographs unless other wise noted!


  1. ok, so it would have been nice to see all these things firsthand, but I guess the pictures will have to do. I LOVE the pictures of the two of you dancing. And the cupcake kid, is one cute kid.

  2. Cute little guy! Love the pictures of the swing dancing!

  3. What awesome pictures!!! The cupcakes were a great idea, but so much for getting away from the cake cutting!!
    What a cute little boy, he is just too adorable!

  4. It looks like it was such a special day from start to finish. I almost felt like I was actually there! Now i know why Desert Rose was bragging it up so much! Thanks for putting all your pictures together for us, it was beautiful.

  5. I just can't get enough of all the fun you guys had that day!! I absolutely LOVE when you share the pics with us!! Which all are very good by the way! My favorite on this post would be the last one with the fish eye effect!! And the cupcake kid is a cutie!!

    ps~ I definitely told my bro to get some bandanna's, hats, etc for the saloon for pics! Thanks to you I had the idea!!

  6. It looks like you had one great party. The cupcake kid is indeed a cutie!

  7. Your wedding wa in a barn??!! How awesome is that?! I love it! And what a gorgeous bride you were, too. I don't know how to swing or waltz. You two must be dancing pros!
    I love the idea of doing cupcakes instead of a cake, too. You guys were so cute sharing a cupcake. It's neat to see Cowboy H laughing, 'cause in most recent pictures he's so serious looking.

    What a unqiue and wonderful wedding you guys had. Lots of special memories for sure!



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