Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Homemade Wedding Homestead-Style: Grub

Photo by Lauren

Despite all the fun, games and dancing going on, the people had to be fed. Well, I had to be fed! I hadn't eaten hardly anything all day, and not because I was nervous or worried about fitting in my dress, I was saving myself for all the GOOD food I knew was coming!

Jesslyn + Jeff-323

All the food you are about to see was picked specifically by me or Cowboy H and made in my mother's kitchen. Ok, except for the beans, which have their own funny story and the salsa, and oh yeah, the meat. Everything else (potato salad, macaroni salad, rice pilaf, you name it) was made by my mom, pictured here with her apron, which stayed on the rest of the night. I thought it was really cute.

Photo by Sarah

What you can't see is her tennis shoes. Also, notice her poor bout is hanging upside down. I love you, Mom.

Jesslyn + Jeff-324

Anyways, back to the food. I don't think I've ever eaten such good wedding food.

Photo by Sarah

Down on the far end of the buffet table, the ribeye hot off the pit was being sliced to order.

Jesslyn + Jeff-327

After piling our plates high, Cowboy H and I took our seats and were treated to a little champagne from The Desert Rose. Not sure why I'm making this face here, but notice that I made sure to wear my bib. I'm kinda a mess. (That's my bouquet stuck in a giant mason jar serving as our centerpiece.)

Jesslyn + Jeff-330

And everyone else feasted happily too.

Now. About the beans.

Photo by Sarah

See these guys here? They are two of my backpacking buddies. They live down in the San Diego area, but have friends that go to school and live in San Luis Obispo. Somehow, these two finagled a ride to the ceremony out of one of their friends. However, they had no ride to the reception and were just gonna walk. Well, my dad saw them and said "Hey, ride with me, I need someone to hold the beans anyways".

So, they got out of walking, but in exchange had to work. The beans (and salsa) were being picked up at Jocko's, which is my hometown's local steak house. (Best ever steak if you want my unbiased opinion.) My dad provided the kitchen with a pot and they proceeded to fill that pot so full the lid wouldn't fit on it. So, the two guys pictured above were sitting in the back seat of my dad's car, overflowing pot of beans at their feet, attempting to keep the lid on the beans, and the beans off them. Apparently, the car ended up with beans all over it, so I can't exactly say they did a stellar job. But, most of the beans made it.

And that is the story of the beans.

The end.

But not the end of the wedding!

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Up Next: All that traditional wedding stuff like cake cutting and first dances. Yuck!

All photography unless otherwise mentioned credited to Applemoon Photography!


  1. Whose the hottie in the denim skirt and jacket pouring herself a glass of wine from your table? Good gawd I hope she's not related to me!

  2. The food looks so good, I want me some! Speaking of the beans, it was a good thing the reception was out in the fresh air right!

  3. Oh your sweet Mom!!! How hard she must have worked!! That is an awesome bean story LOL!!! And what great friends willing to make that trek!! Thank goodness for your dad and the beans LOL!!

  4. Well I had to go to their table to get the good stuff...they were hoarding it!!! LOL
    The food was was every single thing that day!


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