Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Second Shooter

During our big ride with the Desert Rose a few weeks ago, I did hand off the camera for a little while. In case you didn't know, Cowboy H is a budding photographer himself, and if I were to ever start a wedding photography business (I won't) he would be my second shooter.

Seriously. There is just something about his images. He has an instinctual ability to capture the true essence of his subjects, to really bring out their best.

That day, he managed to capture a side of me rarely seen:


My grace.


My beauty.


My class.


My elegance.

*Sigh* They're all so beautiful, I just can't decide which one to blow up and put on the wall.


  1. haha, so many comments, so little time.
    I believe that the first picture captures you in all your "specialness" however, in the second one, all your "uniqueness" comes shining through. But the very last one.....the one where you look like a monkey running after a banana....that is probably my favorite.

  2. The last monkey shot is my fave.....deserves a great frame, too.

    You're so brave posting such wacky photos of yourself. Too fun!


  3. Ha Ha Ha! Very cute pictures!! My other half always seems to get funny pictures too. He still doesn't even really know how to work the camera!

  4. He's talented. I know the # of a good agent, if you're looking to get him signed. ;)

  5. You know, these new cameras come with a handy little thing called a "delete" button! It's a cute action sequence though! A prize winner for sure!

  6. LOL!! See I just knew he was ornery!!!! I'm thinking you should frame them all ;)


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