Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Redneck Woman


Although, I suppose the fact that I am vacuuming disqualifies me from the redneck category.

What do you think?

Or better yet, what would you title this photo?

Most creative (i.e. the one that makes ME laugh the hardest) gets an original black and white 8x10!


  1. The fact that you are vacuuming your backyard, definitely puts you in the category of redneck woman.
    Hell Yeah!

  2. Day 643: The humans have lost it. During their own escape we are confined to a small prison to which they have attached a synthetic material resembling grass. Upon their daily return, when we are freed from our confinement, the female utilizes an electronic devise to cleanse the area whilst he male giggles as he documents this strange ritual.

  3. Well there, I don't see the problem, you're just vacuuming your living room!

  4. Redneck woman vaccumes up 2 dogs...

  5. BAHAHAHA LOL!!!!! Absolutely NOT something one would see on a normal day!! Thanks for the massive laughs!!!

    *anonymous's* caption totally cracked me up!!

  6. I'm wordless..for the tears have flooded my brain..OMWG...WHAT??!!

  7. Eeewww! It's a Redneck Pooper picker upper....

  8. Hi Mama H! The chair is very cool, for the right person. If it's still around next Fall when the Desert Rose goes back south, we could sell it to you for REAL REAL cheap! Then the shipping would be free!


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