Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Promised, Didn't I?

One of the main reasons I decided to create this blog was to share photographs. Over the past few years, I have carefully documented our lives through my camera lens. Not only do I want to capture the moments to look back on, I LOVE taking pictures. So, as a result, I have folders and folders and folders of pictures. Mainly I want to share photographs of the new house, the new pets, etc. with family and friends and a blog is much easier (and funner!) than emailing everyone.

However, today I'm going to veer from my original course (again, is this a pattern?) and share some of my favorite photographs. Photographs that yours truly took herself. Photographs that I'm pretty dang proud of.

And my absolute favorite:

Don't ask what he's doing... unless you really want to know.


  1. Great photo's! What is that cowboy doing!?!

  2. Cowboy H is "talking to a man about a horse".

  3. My Dad used to say that all the time when I was growing up and for a long time I thought that meant we were going to get a PONY :(!!! Where are the beautiful "water" pictures taken???

  4. Desert Rose: How disappointing! Let me just clarify that I did not intentionally take a photo of Cowboy H peeing. He was closing a drop-gate and the image was so cool, but by the time I got my camera turned on and my horse standing still (who I was on) I was too late. However, since I was in the "camera-zone" I did not realize what I had actually taken a picture of until after I took it!

    The water photos are from Yosemite, on my annual backpacking trip with my padre.


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