Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meet Hank!

I may be jumping the gun, but I just had to introduce this little guy! Hank is the newest resident of the Homestead, having joined us on April 5th. He had a bad time of it before settling here; his previous owners ran him over then decided they didn't really want him that badly after all. Cowboy H has been talking about getting a blue heeler since we bought the Homestead. I think fate brought these two together:

Currently, his favorite activities are snuggling with his daddy's stinky horse shirt, "heeling" the cats, and gutting all his stuffy toys. He has already de-tailed his moo cow. He has surgery scheduled for this Friday, to fix up his bum leg from the vehicle encounter, so hopefully he'll get to upgrade soon to heeling real cows and smelling real horses!

I'll get to the important stuff like falling in love and buying a house eventually. But Hank has already doubled in size since we got him, so I have to indulge in as much delicious puppy smell as I can before its gone!


  1. Well hello Hank Holman!!! You sure are one cute little cowpoky puppy. However your human next to you looks "dog tired"! Happy to see that you are going to let your humans sleep in the bed with you!
    Luv from,
    Your Aunite Desert Rose


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