Thursday, April 16, 2009

Welcome to the Homestead

I realize I should have made this the first post, but I just had to introduce Hank. I knew I could hook you with sweet innocent puppy pictures. Now I know you'll keep coming back, even if you're just looking for new pictures of Hank.
So, today I welcome you to The Homestead. Well, at least this is what The Homestead looked like when we purchased it in December of 2008. Things are looking a little better these days. Let's take a walking tour!
Upon entering the front doors, you look into the living room, which is straight in front of you. Please note the giant writing on the wall above the fireplace.Immediately to your right, is the KITCHEN. Mama H's KITCHEN. This kitchen played a major role in why we call this house the Homestead today. See for yourself:
Oh, Island, how I love you.
Well, things are looking pretty good so far. Let's venture down the hallway to the left of the front entrance. Gotta check out the bathrooms.
Bathroom #1:

Uhhhh... not so great.
Bathroom #2:Oh, even better. You know, now that I think about it, there was something strange about that wall in the living room...See that light coming through the middle hole? That goes to the master bedroom!
All in all, we decided this would be the perfect Homestead. Why? Well, because the bumps and bruises weren't nothing a little TLC from Mama H and a lot of hammering, sawing and painting from Cowboy H couldn't fix. And as they say, a house is a house, but its not a Homestead without love (and sweat). And maybe this helped a little (well, this, and that KITCHEN):
See that way over there? That's a HOT TUB.

(P.S. Keep your eyes on Bathroom #2!)


  1. So this is what Cowboy H is going to carry you over the threshhold into!!!LOL You 2 sure do have your work cut out for you but as you said...the house has good bone structure and I know that Momma H will make this house into a home sweet home!!!

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Could that be a picture of Bella?

  3. Well, instead of showing all the work Cowboy H has used to transform this house into a wonderful home, Mama H just shows the old crappy pics! Way to be proud of your man's work!

  4. Hay Mama H,
    Glad I found your blog via A Cowgirls Grace. I am the third Sissy!!! Looking foward to following! Cute puppy!


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