Monday, July 13, 2009

Diary of a Bathroom Remodel: Part I

You may remember this bathroom from our Homestead walk-thru a while back. This is the "guest bathroom". It sits right at the end of the hallway and was hideous.

This is the first major project we started at the Homestead. The first step was to completely gut it. We tore all its innards out (sorry no pics) and then let it sit like that for a few weeks. (Hey, we got busy!). It was like a big black hole.

After all the supplies came in and Cowboy H was able to clear a few days in his schedule, he started on the shower/tub area. We decided to tile the shower walls so he put new backing up and patched up the drywall on the surrounding walls. Then we got to put the new tub in!

The next step Cowboy H had planned (he's a master planner in case you were wondering) was to tile the shower. I was soooo excited to have a real tile shower! Cowboy H set up a work bench outside our back door where he laid out all the pieces for each wall one at a time. Then he carefully measured and cut so that each "wall" would fit perfectly onto the wall it was going on.

Ta-da! Pretty pretty tile. This was only the beginning, but it had already completely transformed the bathroom. It was so nice to be making progress toward the end result, finally!

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  1. Well at least Cowboy H is good for something! LOL


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