Sunday, July 12, 2009


This face showed up at The Homestead the other day.

Hank thought she was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

After a proper introduction they played for hours.

Hank even showed her the ins and outs of rolling in the front grass.

Cowboy H and I liked her so much we even let her stay the night. Or two. Outside.

But I let her do this.

And then this.

Oh man, that face just kills me.

Its a good thing my friend was looking for a dog like her or I'd a been sleeping in the doghouse with her!


  1. She is very cute! Did she belong to anyone in the area?
    Looks like they had a lot of fun playing!
    Just in case you are wondering who I am, I am Dusty Devoe's youngest daughter and Desert Rose's niece!

  2. she a KEEPER??? Why breed is she?


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