Sunday, August 2, 2009

Diary of a Bathroom Remodel IV: The Finale!

Editor's note: I found it extremely difficult to take color-correct photographs in this bathroom. Something about yellow and white and sunlight or lack of sunlight... Anyways, the yellow is actually brighter and lighter than it appears.

For reference, here is the bathroom when we moved in back in December:

And a near-identical image from the newly-remodeled version:

Shower tile:

Bathtub and floor tile:

Beadboard on left wall:

Beadboard on right wall and pedestal sink and corner medicine cabinet:

Right side of wall with toilet and sink:

Look how much space is between the toilet and sink now!


  1. Ya...guess that Cowboy H did an ok job there even though it took him a long, long, long time!!!

  2. Just been hopping around on your topics and this is a great remodel job! I love the sunny yellow, but I'm a real fan of the beadboard look too! Nice job!


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