Monday, August 3, 2009

Cuz That's How We Roll

Awhile ago (meaning: before I broke my arm) Cowboy H and I headed out to the Ranch to visit with our horses. Sometimes we go out just to see them, spend some quality, non-riding time with them. This is mostly so our horses always look forward to seeing us, knowing that they won't have a saddle slapped on their backs every. single. time. But also, because we're lazy sometimes.

On this particular day Cowboy H hosed Bella down and I turned Maria out in the arena. Maria has a very particular trait I have discovered: she will not lay down or roll in her living quarters. Whether in a box stall or out on pasture, she stays on all fours. But, as soon as you turn her out into a round pen or arena, BAM! She hits the ground faster than you can practically get her halter off. I could barely get my camera turned on before she went in for the kill.

Love the last one with that one leg stretched straight out. After we get the roll out of the way, I usually amuse myself by forcing Maria to follow me around the arena. This day I had her trotting after me and (hee hee) had her actually follow me over jumps. Somedays, I swear she wonders about me.

Then I got a brilliant idea. I'm going to ride her, bareback and bridleless. I asked Cowboy H and he agreed. So I handed over my camera and swung up.

And then we did this:

Meanwhile, on the other end of the ranch, Bella was showing off the latest hairdo:

It's all the rage with the pasture horses these days.


  1. Yee go cowgirl!!! I keep saying you ride better'n any cowboy, that is until you went and broke you arm!


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