Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In General

Today, I have another recheck for my arm. It has been three weeks since I last saw the doc. Since then I have gone backpacking, worked cattle, and begun putting my hair in a ponytail again. Hopefully he tells me today that I'm actually allowed to be using it.

Last night we hosted what I guess we could call a housewarming party. What started as a BBQ with another couple and their son turned into a 15 person rager that when on until midnight. Just kidding. A little. We ended up hosting about 15 people and really the last ones didn't leave until midnight. But, we behaved ourselves. Cowboy H manned the grill and made hamburgers so thick you couldn't put anything else on them. Not even a bun. I didn't take a single picture. Sorry, but I was hosting.

Sunday night Hank took care of my geranium bush in the back yard. He figured the place would look a lot better if the plant was on the patio concrete instead of in the flower bed. At least he did all the hard work for us.

Friday we headed to Palm Springs to pick up some hand-me-down furniture from Cowboy H's old boss. If only all hand-me-downs were like these. Being as it was our last Friday-Saturday off together, we decided to make a getaway out of it. Finding a cheap hotel room was easy enough; no one wants to be in the desert in August. Laying by the pool Saturday morning was much much harder. So was getting Cowboy H to leave the bar Friday night. Ahhh, but it was a good time.

More on the furniture to come...

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  1. Must be that He decided to redecorate the "bunk house"!!! LOL, well sort of!


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