Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It's official. I have been released. No more rechecks, no more restrictions, no more excuses. Which means I actually have to start going to the gym again and riding the horses. And I can start working my part-time Saturday job again.

Which led me to this conclusion just now: My blog posts are probably never going to have pictures again. It takes me way too much time to resize and upload my pictures into every single post. You guys are just going to have to use your imaginations. I'll explain every detail down to the pearls on my wedding dress, but you're on your own after that.

In addition, I have to take my cat for xrays tonight. She sprouted a bump on the top of her head last week. Hard as a rock. Actually, it feels like bone. It's about the size of a bee bee but doesn't move around like a bee bee would. She is completely unaffected by it, but man, my curiosity is killing me. I have to know what it is.

I'll update you on that too.

I maybe like a month. After I get caught up on everything else in my life.


  1. OH NO MAMA H!! We NEED pictures, just do it at work

  2. I would rather have you post less...but with the damm pictures!!!


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