Thursday, August 13, 2009

Well, I Never Thought of That...

Editor's Note: After discussing this with Cowboy H, I learned that Olivia has a pellet in her head, not a bee bee. A bee bee would not have mushroomed the way the pellet did. The fact that a pellet gun was used is even more upsetting because they can do much more damage than a bee bee gun.

If something, like a bee bee, is embedded into a bone, then it wouldn't move around. Which is exactly why the bump on top of Olivia's head wouldn't move. It is stuck in her skull. And its staying there.

Do you see it? Its a little hard to miss. One of the girls at my work could see it from across the room. My poor baby. She got pretty lucky though, apparently it didn't go all the way through her skull, and so far she's still normal (for her that is.)

Now, to find out who's shooting bee bee guns in a cul-de-sac neighborhood...

Maybe I'll have to stick Cowboy H on them.

He can do a little detective work.


  1. Cowboy H should fill his rifle with buckshot and hunt those outlaws down!!!


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