Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Another Day In The Life...

I know, I know. Another picture-less post. I really don't like posting without pictures, but sometimes things happen that I want to share, to fill you in on, and pictures just don't get taken. But, I'm trying to keep the wording as minimal as possible.

Last night after a lovely park adventure with the dogs, we found a bleeding cat at home. It wasn't gushing blood or anything, but it definitely was a fresh wound. On a white cat. So it stuck out like a sore thumb.

Cowboy H, as wonderful, loving and caring as he is, helped me expose the wound and clean it up. I did the holding, since I know how to properly hold a pissed off cat while someone is pouring Hydrogen Peroxide into its fresh wound. What we discovered was a single, medium sized hole.

So, now we are trying to figure out what caused the hole. (It's definitely not a puncture wound.) There is the possibility that another cat hooked my Indy with one claw, right as Indy was starting to run away, and the one claw pulled the skin a little, leaving a larger than normal hole. The other possibility is that yet another one of my cats was the victim of an idiot with a bee-bee or pellet gun. We can't feel anything under Indy's skin near the wound, but the hole is about the right size.

In the mean time, we now have a holy cat.

A lead head and a holy cat.

The Homestead is becoming an interesting place...


  1. Ah...poor baby! I know your felines would not like it but...the may have to become inside cats!!! Mine is 18 1/2 years old the other is 14!!!

  2. A lead head, and a holy cat. What is next?? A sacred cow??


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