Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I'm still alive, I promise. I returned to California Saturday after one too many days in Albuquerque (5 1/2 to be exact) and found my state burning down. But, I'm pretty used to that by now. What I'm not used to is landing practice. Let me share with you:

We were cruising along in our jet when the stewardess (do they still call them that?) announces that we are approaching Ontario Airport. Excited to be almost home I start trying to identify things below through my window. The Speedway, the 15 Freeway, the 10 Freeway: all mean home to me.

Suddenly, we started descending very fast. I'm talking, we were nosediving. I felt my head press back against my seat we were going down so fast. Then, we flattened out. Ok, breathe.

Then we start accelerating. And gaining elevation. Wait! We're supposed to be landing! My house is down there. My bed. My husband. My gabillion animals.

Then the pilot gets on the intercom and casually says "Sorry about that folks. We were coming down just a little too fast and steep there. It was going to be unsafe to land. We're going to circle around and try it again."

Just think about it folks. "Try it again."

Its not like he was supposed to be landing a plane or anything.


  1. That would have made me not want to fly again!!!

  2. What the heck? Now ya see? I have to know more at about that time...LOLO I wanna know WHAT was going on that made him do that? Distracted? First Landing? Mechanical Failures? WHAAAAT???? (I'm just sayin...)But, of course he's not going to tell me... :-(

  3. Ya...had that happen in SF once and it is not pretty!!! We actually touched down for a second and went right back up again. I thought for sure there was a plane on the runway ahead of us and we were going to hit it!!!

  4. That happened to my friend as he was landing in Heathrow- the plane started down then went back up again. That night on the news he saw that (his plane) had actually almost landed on top of another plane! Of course they never said that to the passengers! Glad you had a safe landing!
    Stories like these just support why I HATE flying! :)


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