Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Motivation

In light of the fact that I actually went to the gym twice last week, I'm starting a themed day; Monday Motivation. From now on, each Monday I will post 5 things that I MUST get done that week. Then on Friday, or Saturday, or Sunday (basically which ever day I get enough done to make it presentable) I will update on my success or failure. The list is going to be a catch-all; anything from purging my underwear drawer to painting the living room may be listed.

Also, I want to hear what you have on your to-do list each week. Come on, just throw it out there. We all have those menial errands or looming tasks that we're whole-heartedly trying to avoid. Maybe by putting them out there in the blogosphere, you'll be extra motivated!

Monday Motivation, Week 1
  1. Make the dang bracelets (I will tell you more when they're done, but there are 8 total)
  2. Finish editing the Yosemite photos
  3. Create discs of all the Yosemite photos and mail them to the participating parties
  4. Buy those sticky strips for the corners of the new couches
  5. Tell you about the new couches!
Maybe I should make the list 10 things...

(Sigh) Well, now that I've written it down, I feel accountable. Let's see if that feeling lasts past when I click the 'Publish Post' button!


  1. Oh....I wanna play...I wanna play!
    1. Finish wedding post!!!
    2. Make airline resverations for Mama H and Cowboy H to come to PDX!!!
    3. Get travel papers for LL, Oliver and Suzy Q for CA trip!
    4. Make vet appt to schedule travel papers for CAT's and LL!
    5.Pack everything that will fit into the KING RANCH for trip to CA that will not cause unsightly trouble for Mama H and Cowboy H on trip down to PS!!!
    6. Schedule all desperete riders meal funtions as needed!
    7. Secure desperate riders dinner at KC's!!!!
    8. Ensure cowboy H, mama H to entise KC for Desert riders dinner at KC's residence!!!!!!!!!

  2. wow, I feel so.....boring.
    My list will basically consist of:

    1. get butt to gym
    2. get butt to gym
    3. get butt to gym
    4. get butt to gym
    and lasst but not least
    5. get butt to gym.


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