Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Welcome To My Life, Ed. 1, Vol. III

I forgot to put deodorant on today.

Yep, I sure did. Cowboy H got into the bathroom before me and it messed up my whole morning routine. In the morning, before my coffee has kicked in, I function purely by muscle memory. Actually, I can barely function, but since I have a specific routine, I manage. So this morning, right as I was getting ready to put my contacts in, get dressed and brush my teeth (in that particular order), Cowboy H beat me to the bathroom. To not waste time I got dressed, which was most definitely out of order. But the deodorant was in the bathroom. So I told myself to put it on when I brushed my teeth. Which would have been out of order. And, of course, as soon as I was able to get into the bathroom, muscle memory kicked in and I forgot the deodorant.

At least I remembered to put my contacts in.

And at least I remembered pants.

Good thing I'm not going to the gym tonight.


  1. I was wondering what that odor was???

  2. What about the code of the west rule...COWGIRLS 1st??? Cowboy H had beeter be a gentleman from now on or horse shit may hit the fan!!!

  3. I always fear I will forget to put on deodorant! I also have a routine in the morning, and if I mess it up, I can barely function! I also now carry deodorant in my purse, still haven't forgotten to put it on yet!
    I have also caught myself walking out of the house in my slippers, now wouldn't that be a pretty sight?


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