Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Motivation, Week 2

First off, I'm going to update you on my success (or failure) of the first week. You most likely figured out it was a big FAIL since I would have shouted out and proudly exclaimed had I accomplished something. However, it wasn't a complete 100% fail. More like a 93.7% fail. Or a 6.3% accomplishment. Eeee. Let's write it the other way. That way if someone just glances at the page, they could mistake that 93.7% for my success rate. And that's much better than the other number.

93.7% FAIL

I DID get the sticky strips bought for the couches. And I even put them on the couches! However, my attempts at showing you the new couches failed. Maybe tomorrow? Who the heck am I kidding anymore? Anyone?

The bracelets? Oh yeah, them. That shouldn't have even been on the list. I never even attempted to get the materials out, let alone begin to construct them. Better luck this week? I think not.

I DID however start editing my Yosemite pics. I'm probably about 42% through them. Considering I have over 600 photos from that little stroll in the woods, that's progress. At least for me. And as an added bonus, I have a few to share with you.




I apologize for the darkness of the first photo. It was much brighter on Cowboy H's laptop. I think I had the screen tilted too far. Also, can you spot the moon in the third photo?

Okay, now for the real business. The list for this week is:
  1. FINISH editing the Yosemite photos.
  2. Make discs for all applicable parties and mail them.
  3. Edit the fair photos from last weekend.
  4. Post about the couches.
  5. Pick some pumpkins!
The bracelets have been stricken from the list this week because I see no feasible time to actually do them. But, they have not been dropped all together and should return next week.

Anybody else have a To-Do list this week?


  1. finished much more than I did from my list!
    1. I did talk to you so now I can make airline reservations!
    2. Little lady does not need a coggins, only trip permit! ( called vet to verify)
    3. Verified with Vet that I have NOT been giving right dose of steroid to Oliver!
    4. Have potty trained husband from "urial" to big boy potty at night!!!
    5. Have trained 4 caregivers only to have a new one 2 dyas later!!!
    6. Finally put face on 2 weeks AFTER hubby's surgery!!!


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