Saturday, October 10, 2009


I'm not even going to show you the before pictures, because they're just embarrassing. Let me explain. Almost two years ago, we purchased a sofa/loveseat set used from another girl for $150. She had a cat, and well, we had two. And those two turned into four for a short while. In short, the couches were scratching posts.

Also, I didn't take any before pictures! Convenient, right?

So, we bought new couches!


Please, with every bit of imagination you have, pretend there are no blankets on the seat cushions. Envision the soft, suple, beautiful dark brown leather. And say hello to my lovely Olivia; she's one of the reasons for the covers.


The sofa. I never noticed how sunken our old couches were until I sat on the new one and nearly bounced back up, it was so supportive! We sit here nightly to eat dinner and watch movies since we also bought these:


Yes, t.v. trays! Which meant we were able to get rid of the hideous and increasingly dangerous glass coffee table we had inherited from friends. Instead, we moved a large rolling ottoman gifted to us from Cowboy H's old boss into the middle of the room. Here is a small detail:


The Complete Transformation:


And the details, because I am detail obessed:


Couch pillows. I have been wanting couch pillows for soooooo long and these were included!




  1. You are really getting the Old Homestead into ship shape condition!!! The new sofa is sooooooo "cowgirlthe#$%^up! and so you!

  2. Love the look of the furniture!! I'd love to buy some new leather soon! But that will have to wait awhile. We have some kitty scratches on our leather, but it isn't too bad, they haven't ripped anything open yet!!
    The pillows are very nice, and there is nothing wrong with the blankets on the couches! We do the same, but it is more for the dogs, we let them on the furniture! And they are not small dogs! Terrible, I know. But they are so cuddly!

  3. I love the furniture! And the new blog look too!


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