Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So, this post was going to start an entirely different way, but just as I opened up the 'New Post' window, Oz jumped onto Cowboy H who was on the recliner and dropped his "prize" right in his lap.


He was very very proud of himself.


And I'm very very proud of him!


Victory has been had. Mama H is free from the GIANT lizard under her couch. And Oz has been redeemed as the most useful cat at the Homestead.


Editor's Note: I would like to add that the lizard is not nearly as big as I originally thought. It's just, the tail is sooo long. A tail that was left laying on my living room floor this morning with nary a body in sight. Love, Mama H


  1. Is is bad that I feel sorry for the lizard. Possibly I would feel differently is the lizard was in MY house!

  2. Obviously you do not have a "no kill" ranch! LOL I TRAP MICE LIVE AND TURN THEM LOOSE IN THE COUNTRY!

  3. aww, that lizard had pretty color on him. Good kitty, poor lizard

  4. Oh if my little black kitty could go outside in the big city he would bring me back a big fat something for sure! Oz is such a cute little muffin!
    -<3 Cassie

  5. I am still laughing about the DR catch-and-releasing mice! :)
    The kids in my class would have LOVED that lizard!


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