Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mama H's Big Quiz #2: Answers and Winner Revealed!


"Stink Eye"

Well, hello! Sorry I've been MIA, the holidays will do that to you! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, whether they were eating turkey with good friends at work or relaxing with family and friends in the comfort of a home.

I'm finally going to close this quiz and announce the winner! I actually completely forgot about this until last night. Oops.

So, tricky Horse Dreams snuck in and answered all questions correctly almost immediately, however Sares jumped in after with answers so funny I laughed out loud at my desk by myself. And, since I made the rules I can break them.

So, congratulations: Sares!! Please email to claim your "Stink Eye"!

And now for the answers:

1. When did Cowboy H and Mama H have their wedding?


2. What kind of horse does Mama H ride?

Friesian Quarter Horse cross

3. What year did Cowboy H and Mama H meet?


4. What was the name of the Homestead kitty that died earlier this year?


5. What color is the shower tile in the newly remodeled Homestead bathroom?

White and yellow

6. When was The Homestead purchased? (Month and year)

December 2008

7. What kind of shoes did Mama H wear for the wedding?

Blue cowboy boots!


  1. Quiz #2 responses:
    1. May 30, 2009
    2. A Friesian Quarter Horse, very pretty girl I might add!
    3. 2006
    4. Isabella
    5. White and yellow tile
    6. December 2008
    7. Blue cowgirl boots, yeehaw!!!

  2. #1 On the day the earth stood still
    #2 A rocking horse
    #3 1776
    #4 Tom Cat
    #5 Hot Pink with lime Green Polka Dots
    #6 Sometime while the economy was busy going down that newly remodeled toilet
    #7 Stripper Shoes

  3. Holy cow...Cowgirl! LOL You really wanna make us work for this!
    1. May 09
    2. I know this???? Fresion
    3. 06
    4. OZ
    5. Butter/lemon Yellow
    6. Dec 08 ( Just before Xmas!)
    7. Blue Cowgirl Boots!!!

  4. COngrats Sares! When she told me her answers this weekend I told her she'd win on creativity! She's a hoot! :)

  5. Oh I'm so excited! Sorry it took me so long to figure out I'd won, I've been busy with shopping, decorating and stuff. The blogging has pretty much been ignored for a few days. I was hoping my answers would give you a giggle! I'll email the address and thanks Mama H!

  6. Congrats, to my sister, Sares! She really is the most creative in the bunch!


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