Thursday, November 19, 2009



Sooo, little Huey went under the knife on Nov. 7th, and had a little extra weight removed. You know those two little orbs that dangle between the male canine's legs? Yep, they're gone now.

Surgery went well and he came out with four little bitty purple sutures.

Now, those four little sutures are supposed to be removed this coming Saturday, as in two days from now. Sutures need to stay in for 12-14 days to make sure the incision line is completely healed and there is no risk of the skin opening back up.

See, I know this not because the vet told me, but because I also work for the vet. On the weekends and some holidays, I work part-time for a day clinic (the place you take your dog for vaccines and that dang ear infection) and also an emergency clinic (the place you take your dog when it gets hit by a car in the middle of the night, or on Sunday). So, I know all the rules about post-op care for your little doggie.

Only, I didn't follow them very well.

Last night I picked my Huey-duey up to check on his sutures, and there were only two.

Hey, Cowboy H, help me a sec. How many sutures do you see?

Two. Wait. Nope, only two.

A few hours later, I checked him again.

This time, there was only one hanging in there.


I guess I don't need to take him in on Saturday afterall.


  1. How come he did not have to wear that doggy cone-thing??? Has HANK had the same procedure? I am so happy we will be together in Las Vegas!!! You have my cell #. Plan on Dinner Sat night with my sissy's, Corky and me!!! Hope Cowboy H will be there by then!!!

  2. Did you change your background to White? If so, I am liken' it. I am excited to get to spend some time with you SHOPPING! Poor Huey!


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