Friday, November 20, 2009

Didn't Want To

We most definitely didn't want to, but we had to.

See, we've kinda got bad dogs. I mean, they're puppies, so a certain amount of rambunctiousness is expected, but these two cross the line.

It began with tearing out one plant, then digging a few holes here and there. Next came raiding the wood pile, and scattering their loot across the whole backyard (in the same fashion as the yard sale), after they figured out how to remove the tarp with their teeth. Then, they discovered the wiring for the sprinklers, and we now have so little slack left that if anymore is chewed, we will have to tear out the concrete to replace the wiring. And, if that wasn't enough, once we finally got an effective cover for the wiring and they could no longer get to it, they started in on the sprinkler heads themselves.

Lastly, as if to put a cherry on top of their destructiveness, they did this two nights ago:


Notice even the cover of the book is gone.

Now, this was totally my fault; I left the door to the office open, forgot about it, and then kicked the dogs out when I started cooking dinner later that evening. But, seriously dogs?

Honestly, we are not lazy dog owners, which some people are, and they end up with destructive (i.e. bored) dogs. We take these guys on nightly walks (sometimes twice nightly!), they go out to the ranch with the horses, when we're home they're usually in the house with us, they're learning obedience, and goodness knows they have toys coming out of their ears. But the fact remains that we have a smallish backyard, and an ADD heeler.


After much deliberation, we purchased this:


Yesterday, Cowboy H spent an hour or so setting it up.



Of course, Hank had to help. He really is a good little dog. He just needs a lot of supervision.


We put the sucker to the test last night when we headed over to another couple's house for dinner. The dogs were surprising good; no barking or howling or even whining when we first put them in there. All was even quiet when we returned home; not a peep from the backyard. However, we discovered what kept them so quiet:


At least the disaster zone is contained.

Cowboy H is going to throw together a little doggie house today and before he heads to work he'll dispense a few of the new toys, which Hank discovered last night.


Hopefully, they'll shred the toys and not their bed anymore.

So, how about you guys? Do any of you have "dog areas" in your backyards? Do any of you have dog runs like we now have? Neither Cowboy H nor I have ever had to confine our dogs (while growing up, etc.) to one area of the backyard, so this is completely new to us. I'd love to hear any and all solutions/suggestions for problem children!


  1. Wow...I am thinking maybe military school??? One of those boot camp type of places you send kids with outrageous behavior??? Next thing they will start playing with matches...

  2. My goodness! Our little girl is an angel! Really.She was 1 1/2 shen we got her, so past the chewing stage I am thinking. But we had a beagle. We came home from work one night and he had chewed the coners off of our sectional. Also chewed the door frame. But he stopped after the puppy stage, and was a good little boy. Looking foward to Vegas baby!!!

  3. Oh no! Doggy destruction day! Not good!
    My 2 older dogs I had years ago, when they were puppies they pretty much destroyed anything they could. But I have never had a problem with my Aussie's! Which is amazing in itself! They never chewed wood, or anything, except their chew toys! Bailey did chew on some sheetrock in our closet once, but that was it. Sadie has never chewed anything, we just couldn't get her potty trained! She finally was potty trained at 2!
    The only advice I can give you is to have TONS of chew toys in their kennel, which looks like you are going to do. And since you do take them for walks and let them go to the ranch, they are getting plenty of exercise. Hope it all works out, and can't wait to hear updates!

  4. What a couple of little animals! Listen to Dusty Devoe brag up her Rosie, it's no fair she's so well behaved. Our two are barking, floor wetting beasts. We love them though, most of the time!

  5. LOL Yup... that looks like the spoils of a cattle dog's fun alright. My ACD chewed anything up until he was about...hmmm... two or three? Things eased up after that. The first few years were about keeping him from killing himself by trying to chew something toxic or other dangerous items. The only answer is that a tired cattle dog is a good cattle dog. They were bred to have a job and they are just not happy without one unless they feel they've already done their job for the day. Toys that require work (hidden or stuffed toys) are good. You have to think outside the box because they can tear up things in a few minutes.

    Good luck:) And dont worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  6. That is too funny. The chewed up bed in the kennel. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. LOL! I think some dogs are just more destructive when they are pups than others. Do you think they will they dig holes out of the kennel? Oops, hope they didn't hear that and get any ideas! I think PG used a kong toy with her dogs, you spray canned cheese or something inside and they have to work at it for hours to get any, it keeps 'em busy!


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