Sunday, November 22, 2009

On The Home Improvement Front


Home improvement is starting up again at The Homestead. We've been in the house for almost a year now, and so far we have remodeled a bathroom, fixed up the front yard, put in new windows and had shutters installed.

The next project was supposed to be the garage and painting the interior of the house during Christmas break. In the garage, we're going to rebuild the shelving (which you can see in the above photo), put an industrial sink in near the washer/dryer and possibly put peg-board on all the walls. A month or so ago, I decided that I wanted to paint inside the house because right now none of our walls are the same color white. Cowboy H suggested adding some colored accent walls in as well.

Well, of course, as always, plans are a-changin'. Instead of the garage we are going to give our bathroom a minor make-over. Apparently we have mold growing in our shower. I would have never noticed this because I am blind when I shower (no glasses/contacts) but once Cowboy H pointed it out to me, it was quite obvious. So, a new shower liner is now in order and we might as well replace the cracked and separating linoleum while we're at it.

Secondly, the painting project is being replaced with the Fixing Up The Backyard To Accommodate The Dogs project. Right now the dog kennel is smack in the middle of the lawn. We would like to move it into a corner, up against the brick wall, but have to move some plants and level the ground first. So now y'all know what I'll be doing on my 12 day break off work.


Lastly, Cowboy H has started on the exterior trim for the new windows! The windows that face out front have thick dark brown trim around them. Cowboy H is going to add trim to all the backyard windows and the two windows by the front entry to match the existing trim.

We're going to make this:



look like this:


Lastly, I have an update on the doggies for you guys. Thanks for sharing your trouble-pups also! I know for a fact if we had more time for these guys they wouldn't be so bad, but hey, we have to work!

So, they actually seem to like their little kennel. For one, they don't see it as punishment, which is good. Secondly, they get treats (stuffed Kong toys) every time they get put in it. So far, there has been no whining, howling or barking AT ALL. While the first night they dug a little at the gate, they haven't done any more digging. They are still tearing up their bed, but thats ok. Beds can be easily and fairly cheaply replaced; sprinkler heads and wiring cannot. As much as we didn't want to do this, it seems to be working out for the better. Another plus about having a dog run, is that when we have non-doggy people (some of Cowboy H's co-workers) over for dinner and such, we have a place to put the pups where they can't bother the guests, but aren't locked in the crates or a bedroom.

Don't forget, Mama H's Big Quiz #2 starts tomorrow morning!!! Be there or be square!!!


  1. Ya...well don't his friends have guns??? So glad you have another new project or 2 list is gonna look great compared to yours! Hee Hee

  2. At least you are getting things done on your list! I can't seem to even start thinking about what I need to do that's on my list!
    Glad to hear the dogs are surviving the kennel!! I am sure they will adjust just fine!


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