Thursday, December 24, 2009

The First Day

The first day in our home was surreal. Most likely due to lack of sleep, but also joy and excitement and the fact that it was Christmas Eve. This didn't hurt much either:

new house 023

This was the view from our driveway, looking above the house directly across the street. I love that our For Sale sign is still there, since I never thought to take a picture with it until it was gone.

Another surprise: Our first mail!

new house 029

Unfortunately, it was from the insurance company.

Overnight, the cats had fully inspected the entire house, and left all the cupboards open for us.

new house 019

Cowboy H took all the doors of their hinges and began painting them (to cover graffiti)

new house 027

And also put our bed together, so we could sleep in our actual bedroom!

new house 047

new house 049

And I started cooking our "Christmas Dinner".

new house 053

Since we were both working the next day, Christmas, we stuffed our faces a day early.

new house 070

And that was the end to the most perfect first day in our new home ever. One that will be remembered a long long time.


  1. It sounds like this year will be much more relaxing and your bed will be all ready for you to climb in to. Happy Christmas!

  2. Wishing you and your family a very, Merry Christmas!!

  3. Awwwe....I didn't know you just bought a house! Congratulations! It's beautiful...
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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