Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Year Ago Today

We packed up all these boxes,

new house 2 036

new house 2 037

new house 2 040

Watched as they were loaded into the moving van,

Arrived at our new address,

new house 2 045

Checked out all the rooms,

new house 2 042
Living Room

new house 2 041

new house 2 043
Hallway to Bedrooms

new house 2 044
Master Bedroom

Waited for the moving van to arrive,

And started putting things in their new, proper places.

new house 2 055
Check out the too small curtains!

new house 2 056
Oh, there they are. The old couches.

new house 2 058

new house 2 068
Walk in closet!

Eventually, the cats came out of hiding from the litter boxes,

new house 2 070

new house 2 076

The unpacking began,

new house 002
One down, about 11 hundred more to go.

new house 004
Look at all my cupboards! I think I died and went to Heaven!

new house 009
Where, oh where, do I want everything to go?

And empty boxes slowly stacked up,

new house 016

new house 011
Um, yes, this was before we had the dogs.

All while Cowboy H painted away.

new house 2 081

new house 001

Finally, at about 3 am, we called it a night,

new house 020



  1. Boy we better get to see the finished project after you subjected us all to this just on our the last day of shopping panic!!! As if we were'nt freaked out enough! LOL


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