Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Motivation, Week ??

Its been a while since I've done Monday Motivation, I'm not sure what week to call it! Do continue counting from where I left off? Or do I count the weeks that have passed in between? I just don't know what to do!

But here are 5 things I know I need to do this week:
  1. Hang the stockings
  2. Wrap the last couple Christmas presents
  3. Get stocking stuffers/gifts for the kiddos
  4. LAUNDRY (there's always one downer, huh?)
  5. Drive to my parents' house on Christmas Eve and open presents Christmas morning!

Christmas is coming, I hope y'all are ready!


  1. I am going to start making myself lists after the holidays are over! Mine will be about eating alot more healthy and excercising!!

  2. Hope you get it done! Wishing you and Cowboy H a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

  3. After today, I am now officially ready for Christmas!! Gotta love that!
    Hope you and Cowboy H have a very Merry Christmas!!

  4. Hay...if you get to the stables...get the tack room key from Howard and go get yours and cowboy H's Xmas gift!!! Grab a drink and a snack too...I misss cowboy H rumaging through my fridge for a bite of dinner!!! Sorry mo cold filet of fish in there! And save the ggod champagne for ME!!!


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