Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Homemade Wedding Homestead-Style: Best Friends and Brothers

This was our bridal party.

Jesslyn + Jeff-93

Unfortunately, that's the only photo I got back with all four of us, and the only one not making a funny face is Trent.

Originally, we weren't going to have a "bridal party" since Cowboy H didn't know who to have and I had three girls that I KNEW I wanted with me. I didn't want any of this lop-sided business so we decided to forgo the whole thing. Then, our officiant told us we needed two witnesses at the ceremony, so we decided to just have one person each, who would also serve as our witnesses. Fortunately Cowboy H's brother was able to make it out, otherwise he wasn't sure who to ask.

This crazy lady has out-grown the best friend title and pretty much moved to sister.

Jesslyn + Jeff-90

We met each other in FIRST grade. Actually, we met before first grade, in Albertson's grocery store after taking our entrance tests for first grade (private school). In second grade we wore the same dress to school on picture day.

Jesslyn + Jeff-89

We went to school together all the way until the end of high school. While we are almost complete opposites, we always fit together, complimented each other. I made Jenna tone down and relax; she made me act more like a girl and brush my hair. During high school we were almost inseparable.

Jesslyn + Jeff-91
Please note the creeper in the background is actually smiling.

While we have grown apart somewhat, we always come back to each other. I mean, after 20 years together, it just doesn't go away. That's why I call her my sister now.

Okay, let's put our serious faces on now.

Jesslyn + Jeff-56

Naw, don't let them fool you! While these two are several years apart in age, and haven't lived together for quite a while, they don't miss a beat. I was so so SO happy Trent made it out (from Missouri); it wouldn't have been the same without him standing next to Cowboy H. He seriously lived up to his Best Man duties too. He escorted me around, ran errands, and made sure to supply my favorite (and only) alcohol to the bar. Thanks bro!

While we were busy taking additional pictures such as these

Jesslyn + Jeff-74

Jesslyn + Jeff-75

Jesslyn + Jeff-76
Butt pincher!

and these

Jesslyn + Jeff-128

Jesslyn + Jeff-68

our photogs were also busy capturing some candid moments.

Jesslyn + Jeff-64
Talking to his beer can since I wouldn't allow it in the picture.

Jesslyn + Jeff-108
Pinning on a bout.

Jesslyn + Jeff-123
I like your skirt, Granny.

In the background, the BBQ pit was fired up.

Jesslyn + Jeff-145
Can you see us in the background? We love BBQ!

You know what, I'm going to save my BBQ crew for a whole new post! They deserve their own after all the rib-eye and chicken they cooked for us! Plus, I want to tell you about each of them, since they were not a hired crew. They were specially selected vounteers!

Stay tuned!

Next time: The Pit Crew and we finally head to the church

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  1. I love the candid shots! Hay...I got my pictures, love them. I have 2 I needed 2 of eash picture! Hee Hee!


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