Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chain Reaction


Does anyone else every notice how certain things in life are the result of a chain reaction?

Think of that couple who starts dating, gets serious, moves in together, gets engaged then suddenly, all is called off and one is moving out. You ask, "What happened? Everything was going so well."

I don't know. I don't think we were right for each other. It just felt like the next move to make.

Chain Reaction.

Or that family that starts with two cats, buys a house, gets another cat, then a dog, then another dog and suddenly the wife looks up and makes an observation.

We have more than twice as animals as people in this house. How did this happen?

Chain Reaction.

I finally coaxed myself into going back to the gym for my spinning classes. That in turn made me really want to eat better, because, if I'm working this hard and sweating this much to get back into shape I should probably help myself out and eat foods that are better for me.

Speed things up, ya know?

Chain Reaction.

What's unexpected however, is how much better I feel about myself overall since making these small changes. I may not look better yet, but I feel better, partly because I'm proud that I am taking care of myself, party because the exercise and healthful food will do that for you. That feeling better part makes me think I actually look better, so I start carrying myself differently.

Which, in turn, really does make me look better.

Chain Reaction.

Has anyone else experienced a chain reaction set off by something small? Is anyone caught up in a chain reaction right now?


  1. Ya...only my chain reaction seems to be going in the other way!!! Just can't seem to shake the bad karma thing!

  2. Yes, wait until you hear about my chain reaction. It may have you polishing your hunt seat spurs, darling! ;)
    Any guesses??
    p.s. I took some pics last fall that really remind me of your photo here...except you have some cool swirly motion going on there!

  3. Hey!! I told you that your booty looked higher and firmer, that is the result of your chain reaction.

  4. Yea, I got caught up in Desert Rose's Bad Karma chain reaction!!


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