Friday, January 15, 2010

A Homemade Wedding Homestead-Style: Say Cheese!

Ohhhh, everyone hates the family pictures. But truth is, if it wasn't for all of these people, the two getting married wouldn't exist, or wouldn't be exactly who they are. So, we take family pictures. And hopefully get them hung on our walls (hangs head).

We took family photos before the ceremony for a few reasons.
  1. My mom was the head chef. There was absolutely no way she could be posing for pictures during cocktail hour. She had to finish prepping dinner!
  2. We wanted our family/friends to be able to go directly to cocktail hour and enjoy themselves before dinner was served.
  3. We wanted cocktail hour to actually be an hour. This stemmed from a wedding we went to a year ago, where we sat around in the bar of the reception site for over TWO hours waiting for the bridal party/family to take all their pictures. Let's just say there was not much to do besides drink. Uh-uh, no way that was happening at our wedding.

So, onto the photographs. I'll try to keep them brief.

Jesslyn + Jeff-97
Cowboy H's sibs: Trenton and Tiffany.

Jesslyn + Jeff-77
My younger brother, Joe. Please remember that I am nearly 6 feet tall.

Jesslyn + Jeff-107
Cowboy H's mom and her husband.

Jesslyn + Jeff-102
Cowboy H's dad.

Jesslyn + Jeff-81
My dad and mom (and brother again).

Jesslyn + Jeff-98
Cowboy H's grandma.

Ready for another goof on my behalf? I had forgotten to tell my grandma that we were meeting before the ceremony to take pictures. After scrambling around, we sent Cassie and Katie to pick her up. Then, halfway to the barn, my grandma realized she forgot something at home. So they had to go back to her house.

At this point, we were all standing around waiting for my grandma. Around the barn, tables were being decorated, napkins folded and all that other jazz set-up. (Let me tell you, even my ushers were helping fold napkins!) Suddenly, Cowboy H came out of the barn wearing THIS:

Jesslyn + Jeff-114

THIS, is the hat he was wearing when I met him.

Jesslyn + Jeff-113

Some of your may already be familiar with this hat. I got, just maybe, a little excited.

Jesslyn + Jeff-115

And then, finally, my grandma was there so we could take the last pics.

Jesslyn + Jeff-122

Next Time: The "Bridal Party" and Outtakes!


  1. What great pictures! Love the blk & wht's with the LOVE hat!!!

  2. I bought him a new black hat for his birthday one year so that old hat would go bye-bye...but if it caught your eye, it's a good thing he saved it. Who new that hat was a turn on! LOL

  3. There is surely a strong family resemblance in Cowboy H's family! I don't think the hat is THAT bad, just a little rough around the edges! Beautiful family photos Mama H!

  4. Your photographers are amazing (I checked out their site.) Love their style!
    I agree w/doing the family pictures's too hard to do it after the ceremony and make everyone wait, like you said. And the photographer can still take a "first look" moment shot beforehand. I think very few grooms ever see their bride in her dress for the first time as she walks down the isle anymore! :)
    The hat is cool, how creative he brought it!


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