Thursday, January 14, 2010

*Almost* A Rainy Day


Yesterday was almost a rainy day. I say that because it tried really hard, I mean it really tried to rain, but ultimately the sun came out.


I know that people in other states, heck in the majority of the United States right now, would pay a hefty sum to say the words "the sun came out" right now.


And I know that there is a very good possibility someone might come out and lynch me, but I'm going to say it anyways, I was pretty upset with the sun.


Really. When I woke up yesterday and saw the cloudy skies and that it had rained (ever so lightly) overnight, I was really excited at the possibility of a rainy day. I even made sure to wear my "rain" boots to work.


I love rainy days. I love using my windshield wipers and wearing my Uggs. I love the gray skies and the way the world smells so fresh. I love cozying up to a fire and drinking hot cider. I even love coming home to wet and muddy puppies.


I think though, part of the reason I love them so much is that they're such a rarity around here. Rainy days to us are like sunny days to Seattle-ites. They only come around every so often. Right now, I honestly cannot remember the last time it rained at my house.


But, folks, we need rain. That right there is the single biggest reason I want it to rain so badly. Our crops need to grow, our reservoirs need to fill back up and our livestock need something to eat. Lastly, we need to protect ourselves against those infamous Southern California wildfires.


In 2008, three wildfires started in November. November, people. The Montecito Tea Fire started on the 13 and ended up destroying 210 homes and burning 1,940 acres. The Sayre Fire flared up on the 14, and destroyed over 600 buildings including 500 homes. This fire burnt 11,262 acres before it was contained. Then, on the 15 the Freeway Complex Fire started. This is the one that forced us to evacuate our horses and burnt up the ranch. By the end, it destroyed 187 homes and 30,305 acres. And those were only the major Southern California fires. There were smaller ones, and northern ones too.


In 2009, over 300,000 acres in California were destroyed by wildfires. In Southern California, the La Brea Fire was responsible for 89,489 of those acres and the Station Fire took care of 160,577 acres and 209 structures.


Plus, I have rancher friends and they are starting to go bankrupt, what with all this having to feed hay to their cattle out on pasture. That and having to pay skyrocketing prices for said hay because the farmers who grow the hay are having to continually water their fields.


Anyone know a good rain dance? Anyone??


  1. Those pictures are fantasic!!! rain dance days are over, it never worked anyway!!!

  2. Gorgeous shots! I never learned any rain dances here in Washington, I never needed to, we have it in abundance! Although with that you get floods. You just can't win with Mother Nature sometimes.

  3. You might need to move. I know a place where you can get ALL the rainy days you want! :)
    Those pictures are really cool, did the raindrops freeze??
    p.s. you mentioned you got a new camera, what did you get?

  4. Great pictures! I wish I could send you some of ours!

  5. Pony Girl: I have a Canon EOS Rebel xSi. I've had it for almost a year now. These pics are of the dew that collected on our rosebushes one morning!


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