Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Homemade Wedding Homestead-Style: Spit Shinin' the Bride

And so, the wedding it is! From here on out, all wedding photographs are credited to Applemoon Photography, unless otherwise noted.

We prepped and preened at my parents' house, starting in my parents' bathroom because it was the largest. While my morning started off quietly and calmly (hot shower, fresh coffee and fingernail painting all by myself) the chaos quickly ensued. You have been paying attention, you'll know this is just the way I like it!

I had enlisted a handful of my best, longest and closest friends to clean me up good. My Sassy Cassie and her roommate Katie had spent the night in my parent's living room so they were armed and ready first. At about 9 am, my best-best-friend-since-before-we-were-born Mel-Bel arrived, and the four of us started pulling the curlers from my head. About 9:30 am, my pretty-much-sister-best-friend Jenna arrived, with a fresh Starbucks in hand for me. Together, the five of us attempted to get my hair to look like the picture in my hand. It was a little dicey for a while.

About 10 am, Mel's older sister Jen, who I'm pretty sure was actually in the delivery room when I was born, arrived with yet another Starbucks for me. You'd better believe I drained those suckers. Coffee was my life-blood that morning.

Jen took over the hair project and Cassassy and Katie moved to another bathroom to shower and dress. Jenna relocated to the last bathroom to get herself primped.

This is about when my (younger) brother remarked, "Mooooom, there are girls EVERYwhere! I need to take a shower. Come on!" If you were counting, there were 6 girls occupying 3 bathrooms. After reshuffling, the primping and preening continued.

At about 11:30, Cowboy H and his brother arrived with fresh haircuts and new shoes, and donned their suits. It was decided that Trent would take me over to the reception location, where family pictures were occurring before the ceremony. Cowboy H was leaving earlier to help with last minute set-up. I yelled at him "Don't forget the rings!" to which he replied "You have my ring" to which I replied (under my breath) "Oh shit, where did I put the ring?".

I jumped from the stool, with half a face of make-up and frantically began searching for the ring (mine were safely stowed in my make-up bag). I mean, clothes, bags, shoes, pillows were flying. I called Cowboy H who had already left and made him strip-search my truck. Trent did the same to the car. No luck. You may remember that this ring was on loan to us from our jewelry store. I finally quit panicking and got back on the make-up stool. Oh well, ring or no ring, we'll still be married. Yeah, but that ring belongs to the jewelry store.

We finally made it to the reception site, all in one piece I might add, and this beauty was just waiting to be donned.

Jesslyn + Jeff-3

Jesslyn + Jeff-2
Oh little pearl buttons, I love you.

And this is when I finally started looking like a non-spastic bride.

Jesslyn + Jeff-8
Please note the hair tie I forgot to remove from my wrist. At least you know I was nothing but myself on my wedding day. And ultra prepared.

Jesslyn + Jeff-9

Jesslyn + Jeff-13

Jesslyn + Jeff-18
Yes, I did allow someone to help me. I helped her back, too.

Jesslyn + Jeff-24

Jesslyn + Jeff-20
Awww, I look so calm and peaceful.

And then, it was time for THESE:

Jesslyn + Jeff-4
Cowboy H cleaned them for me; aren't they pretty?

Jesslyn + Jeff-26

Lastly, they made me hold this

Jesslyn + Jeff-33

Jesslyn + Jeff-43

and sit down, look pretty and act like a lady. Even if only for 3 minutes.

Jesslyn + Jeff-35

Jesslyn + Jeff-39

Jesslyn + Jeff-37
Ta-da! A bride!

Style Notes (from me?!?!): My hair clip was originally a brooch purchased at an antique store near our home. I hot-glued it onto a plastic hair comb from Michael's. The earrings are true antiques, purchased at the same store. Screw-backs! The boots were borrowed from the lady who operates the ranch where we board our horses. They were exactly what I wanted. Sometimes, you get lucky.

Up next: Those awful annoying posed family photos and Cowboy H takes me back.


  1. How beautiful. Everything is so lovely! Did you ever take the fancy bracelet off!!! (hair piece)

  2. It all came together so nicely! Very classic, and will never go out of style! You look really beautiful!
    p.s. did you find the ring??
    p.p.s. I can't believe you don't have blue boots! I think you oughta get yourself a pair! ;)

  3. Your look so beautiful and I love your dress!
    The pictures turned out wonderful!

  4. Dusty Devoe: I did finally notice the hair tie and took it off before the family pictures!
    Pony Girl: I have blue boots now! Apparently these ones hurt Annee's feet so she let me keep them :) And stay tuned to hear the end of the ring saga.

  5. Finally! The story begins. I have been WAITING for this. I am the one that buys wedding magazines just so I can read them for fun. not that I plan to marry anytime soon, i just love all the details that go into the planning. I can't wait to hear and see more. The dress is gorgeous by the way, as is the bride!

  6. shined up pretty as a new penny!!! How fun to hear about the 6 girls in all the bath and the big strong boy had to call in his momma to help him!!! How many coffee's did you have that day???


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