Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Horsin' Around

More and more these days, if I haven't visited my horse in a while, I feel guilty just yanking her off pasture, slapping a saddle on her back and going to work. We do have a relationship afterall, and that's just rude. On top of that, while the days are getting longer, I still have limited time before the sun goes down. So lately, I find myself running out to the ranch, just to check on the horses, say hello and offer an apple or carrot (if I dare, the pasture can get ruthless) with camera in tow of course. This was one of those times.


The sun was in that magical spot, just before it hits the horizon.


As I searched for my two (there are about 6 bays out there right now) I was immediately greeted by this one.


Meet Maggie. Or Hell Bitch as Cowboy H calls her. Watch out for this one; she's a pistol. The first time Cowboy H brought Hank out with him to catch a horse, this one stepped right on the poor little guy. And it wasn't no accident. I mean, she stomped on him, with purpose. He yelped all the way back to the tack room. One of these days she'll make a real nice ride, but first she needs to be taught some manners.


I love how the backlighting highlights how fuzzy her ears are. And the long hairs on her jaw bone. Sometimes, you just get lucky.

This little face also wanted to say hi.


This is Doce. She is a rescue. She was taken from a hoarder (you've all heard the stories) and my ranch was able to bring her on thanks to donations. She has gained about 200 lbs since being rescued and isn't fat yet! If you're interested in the rescue efforts of the place I board, please visit Heaven's Ranch.

While I was visiting with these two, another looked on.


This is Promise. I do believe she is for sale, as her mama recently purchased one good-lookin' gelding.


Isn't she pretty. She's a bit of an attention hog also.

Funny, I didn't take any photos of my own horses! I did eventually find them though, even if they were at opposite ends of the pasture. Both are doing very well, thanks for asking. Nice and hairy and fat.

And, before the light became unusable, I snapped one more.



  1. Yes it can get real scary when you go out to pasture with treats! Your horse is always saying "hay that's my mom...and my apple!!!" The other's out there don't give a shit...they will just surround you so that the fight puts you in the middle!!! LOL
    Love the great pic's!

  2. Great pictures! Dusty gets treats in his feed bin, and some when I put him back in his turnout. He can get pushy at times, so the treats stop for awhile. It does seem to help!

  3. What fun it must be to have so many readily available models to use! Love that last picture!

  4. Last picture is really nice!! I wanted to see your babies!!

  5. Such beautiful horses there!! And your picture's are great! That is kinda funny that you didn't take any picture's of your own horses while you were there!

  6. The last picture is great! I like taking pictures of other people's horses, too! :)
    I often just say hello to my horse, too. Groom, treats, let him graze. If the arena footing is good, longe him. But very little riding at this time of the year. :( I make up for it in the summer, though!!

  7. Pony Girl: I almost felt like I was ripping you off, but I took these pics the same day you posted about other people's ponies! Great minds think alike ;)


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