Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Put Something On The Walls!

Oddly enough, the Sunday before this appeared on A Cowgirl's Grace, I took the following pictures of some things I had finally gotten up on our walls. As you know, we've lived in the house for over a year now, and the only thing that had made its way onto a wall was a calender. Sad, sad.

New Year's Day my parents were visiting The Homestead, and while my mom and I shopped, Cowboy H and my dad hung these items on the walls.

So, let's take a peek inside the door!

When you open the front door and walk directly in, straight in front of you is the living room and fireplace. This painting now hangs directly above the fireplace.

Please ignore the white balance in all of these photos; The Homestead is extremely difficult to take pictures inside of.

I know its a little small for the space, but don't worry, I will have more on that at a later date.


One of my aunts and uncles gave us this as a wedding gift. It is just perfect for us. I love it.

If you walk into the living room and turn to your right, you will see our big picture window. If you continue turning to your right, you will see this hanging on the wall behind the couch.


My friend Cassie (you have met her in the wedding posts) painted this in college. It was one of her class projects. She is majorly talented.


It's an abstract, but can you tell what it is?

From here, if you look to the right of the front doors, you will see this (pencil/watercolor?) artwork.

No, the matting is not two different colors; there was a shadow from the wall behind me.

My grandma gave us this over Christmas-time. It was the very first piece of artwork she got as a married lady. My great-grandfather (her father-in-law) knew the artist.


Unfortunately, my grandma couldn't remember the artist's name, and there is paper covering the signature on the back, so we will never know...

From here, if you turn back to your left, so the front doors are on your right, you'll see this beauty.

Ahhh, camera distortion!!

Every cowboy's house should have one of these.


Don't ever sell your saddle.
Honest to goodness, there is not a sum in this world that would get Cowboy H to part with his saddle.

This was another Cowboy Christmas purchase. The writing is burned into hair-on cowhide. I love the big copper studs in the corners.

'Round the bend from here, in the kitchen/dining area is another painting from Cassie.


Cassie painted this when she was twelve.


Yes, twelve. It is an oil-painting. Crazy kid.

Behind your back from this standing point, is our kitchen. We have this chalkboard hanging there.


This was purchased in Idyllwild, one of our favorite little places to visit. We have important phone numbers for house sitters listed on the bottom half, so no peeking!

Thanks for joining me on an arts touring through The Homestead!


  1. Is Cowboy H beginnng to NEST??? Sure like everything you've put up. Now you just have to get some wedding pictures framed for a large grouping somewhere!!!

  2. Wonderful artwork! A 12 yr old painted THAT?! Woweee! Wonder what she'll paint as she gets older. She's gonna be famous for sure!

    I love the Code of the West art very much. So unique!

    My walls are pretty bare in most of our house, too. And we've been her for almost 3 yrs. Decorating just never seems like a priority.


    ps Thanks for all the wonderful comments, encouragement, and words of advice you've been giving me. They are much appreciated :)


  3. its about time you got something on those walls

  4. The piece that you got from your Grandmother is something you will always treasure, and can pass someday to your own children! Thanks for joining Peek a Boo Tuesday!!

  5. I bet it feels really great to have things hung on the walls now, especially since so many of them hold such sentimental and special value. I think the painting from your friend is a spiral staircase? or am I just reading that into it because I love spiral staircases. Is it really a seashell?!!!

  6. Fun wall art! hang art evenly drives me crazy, I just want to pound in nails and get it hung, then it drives me crazy if it is crooked! :)
    Your art is all so meaningful, as I think art should be. Your friend is really talented. I agree with Sares when I read her assessment that it might be a spiral staircase, but when I first saw it, the word "tractor" popped into my head.

  7. Sares & Pony Girl: You're both right! It is a spiral staircase, and the white spot towards the bottom is light let in from a window, but its painted into the piece. I have drawings that Cassie gave me in 6th grade! I told her back then I was going to save them because I knew someday she would be famous. She is now a student at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Fran.


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