Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Homemade Wedding Homestead-Style: Arrivals

*Still* raining. Yesterday brought blizzard conditions, thunderstorms, flash floods and even a tornado to our area. Be careful what you wish for.

We arrived at the church about 30 minutes before the ceremony start time and my brother-in-law delivered me directly in front of the doors. A bunch of guests were already there, milling around outside since the church's wedding coordinator wasn't there yet to open the doors. I was so excited to see everyone there, I couldn't wait to get out of the car.

Once I did, the hug-fest began.

Jesslyn + Jeff-150

My friend Juan, on the right with his girlfriend. We went to high school, and ran track, together. We were both hurdlers. Funny enough, we both ended up at the jr. college in town together; I playing volleyball, he on the athletic training team. Then we both moved to the LA area, but at different times. I think we're stuck with each other. And oh yea, I went to his Sr. Prom with him.

Jesslyn + Jeff-160

This is Cassie's mom. While I have not spent a lot of time total with this lady, I feel at home with her. Really, she feels like my mom to me. She actually really reminds me of my mom, too. Maybe that's why Cassie and I always felt like old friends from the day we met. Strangely, even though Cassie and I have known each other since before 6th grade, and Cassie had visited me almost every summer, our moms had never met each other! They met for the first time at the wedding.

Jesslyn + Jeff-152

This is my baby cousin, Amelia. My mom has eight brothers and sisters; my mom is the youngest. Most of my cousins are old than me, and their kids (my second cousins) are closer to my age. But Amelia is actually our generation, and she's the baby! She LOVES me, to put it mildly. I should have hired her to be my personal assistant for the day.

At some point, we figured out a side door was open, so we sneaked in the church and opened the front doors, so all the guests could take a seat. Plus, it was freezing!

My girl Mel (of the chaotic morning prep) and her husband passed out the homemade programs.

Jesslyn + Jeff-224
Remember when I said I misspelled a word on the program? See "Amazing Grace"? It used to say "Amazing Graze". I guess sometimes our brains are elsewhere, like the pasture with my horse.

Jesslyn + Jeff-158

This is one of the other two girls I would have had stand up with me had we actually had a wedding party (how many 'had's can you fit in one sentence?). Once we cut it down, I still wanted her to be involved so I asked her to be a reader. School teacher that she is and all, she responded "Greeter? You want me to be a greeter? Why, I'd love to." So, passing out the programs it was. And she did a fabulous job.

Just before the ceremony, my sister-in-law decided her dress was too low cut for her duties as a reader, and asked me to pin it.

Photo by my cousin, Joelle.

I'm so glad someone caught this moment of me getting fresh with Tiff!

Then, suddenly we were shuffled inside and the doors closed behind us! Our priest gathered all the participants at the back of the church and gave us a little blessing.

Photo by my cousin, Joelle.

I bowed my head, and attempted to put on a serious face.

Jesslyn + Jeff-162

Up next: Let's Get This Show Started!

Once again, hat's off to Applemoon Photography!


  1. The 1st thing I saw when you got outta the car...was your BLUE COWGIRL BOOTS!!!

  2. Great pics! I've been a greeter at a wedding, too. And once I was posted at the guest book table. But I was hungover big time from the rehearsal dinner so it was awful.
    And I think it's cool you had Amazing Grace at your wedding. Such a powerful song. I think you should have left it "graze" though, hee hee!

  3. Yikes. I have seen on the news the weather down there is pretty harsh at the moment, lots of mudslides, but I didn't hear nothing about a tornado, that's scary! It has been so fun to see your wedding pictures, I almost feel like I was there!

  4. Hope you're safe where you are. That's so funny you had a misspelled word. I just love your dress.

  5. Stunning wedding pictures!

    Enjoyed my visit..



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